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Matt Doestch

Matt Doestch




Ontario, BC


Ski-Doo Turbo and Polaris Boost

What Munster products do you run:

I run any Munster products they produce since they’re all great, high quality products that function

What got you into snowmobiling:

like most people, my dad got me into sledding at a super young age. Grew up riding on and off the trails in Ontario until I was 18 when I had the chance to go mountain ride with my dad and his friends.

Favorite spot to ride: The one and only, Boulder Mountain

Craziest or most memorable riding story:

I have so many great memories from over the years so it’s hard to pick one. Last season we set out to explore where no snowmobile had been before. The mission did not disappoint and we saw some amazing terrain, glaciers, mountains and a secret cabin, which we hope to spend a night in this winter.