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Behind The Scenes of Munster


This is the mantra of Andrew Munster. From a young age Andrew has been inventing. With a love for innovation and a perspective that nothing is ever good enough, he always strived to exceed expectations.


Growing up in Whistler BC, with some of the worlds best mountain terrain, Andrew has had the unique opportunity to immerse himself in the snow sports he loves.

With a passion for mountain sledding and product development, his creativity in filming and photography show the quality and dedication in all that he does.

"Munster joins together my passion, creativity and skill sets into one".

You can trust that when you buy Munster, you’re buying the best in quality, performance, and design.

All of our products are designed, machined, and assembled at our workshop in Squamish, BC.

Munster is where function and aesthetics meet, and it doesn't stop there. Our product testing continues as long as there’s snow on the ground, and when the powder’s gone, it’s back to the drawing board to further innovate, improve, and refine.



Research And Design

The idea was sparked and the finger throttle started to come to life. First in the mind of Andrew, where the design started to take shape. Next on his manual milling machine where he made a block to mount a thumb throttle on the front of the handle bars. After proving this could indeed work, a 3D printed prototype was used to try many different variations of what we now know today as “the finger throttle”.

Humble Beginnings

It was in a small workshop behind the Munster’s family home in Whistler, British Columbia where the business started. A shabby shed from the outside but a beautiful wood trimmed metal shop from the inside, many projects had taken place here over the years but the space was now evolving into the Munster Canada shop.

Building A Market

Bringing a new product to market, especially one as altering as a finger throttle, was not easy in an industry of die-hards stuck in their ways. It did not happen overnight but slowly snowmobile enthusiasts started seeing the control benefits of riding with a finger throttle.

Growing network

Building relationships throughout the industry with riders, clubs, and dealerships was crucial in establishing Munster as a reputable business with proven products. As the companies awareness grew, so did the product line with Andrews designs coming to life as fast as they could be produced.

Establishing a brand

The brand was based not only around the quality products but also the master mind behind these designs. The fact that Munster was a growing name in the industry both on and off the snow helped elevate the brand to the top of the charts. Munster was producing their own quality videos which captivated snowmobilers worldwide by showcasing local talent from the Sea to Sky.

Bringing products in house

It was apparent the next step in growth for the business was to bring the production of the products in house. This meant purchasing a CNC machine which had a footprint larger than the back yard shop. A new facility was the only option. With the new equipment on order, it was a rush to find a space suitable. The business looked at every possibility from leasing, buying, to building, and eventually found its new home in an industrial warehouse located in the neighboring town of Squamish.

Relocating the facility

Setting up shop again was no small task, the construction of the new space was happening around the clock and piece by piece was becoming the masterpiece it is today. The delivery of the new CNC machine happened almost immediately and began pumping out parts in the middle of the chaos

Scaling and manufacturing

With manufacturing parts in house it brought many new aspects to design and production, the Munster team grew to fill the necessary rolls involved. These processes began to become more refined and the shop became a well oiled machine.

Acquiring more equipment

With demand still outweighing the production capability, a second CNC machine was ordered and on its way. The last piece of outsourcing was the coating process called anodizing which was proving to become a huge holdup in production. It was decided to bring anodizing in house, and although it was a major undertaking it was achieved and added to the facility

Refining systems

With the structure in place the main focus turned to refining systems and keeping the wheel turning, with so many moving parts there were lots of things to attend too. These systems were put in place and designed to improve efficiency well never failing, after all our moto here at Munster is “if something is worth doing, its worth doing right”!

Innovate, Improve, and Refine.

Our passion fuels progression, not only in our riding but in our products as well. From the humble beginnings of the finger throttle, Munster continues to expand and refine its innovations to meet the demands of todays riders.

We are a rider driven company, constantly looking for ways to improve performance to make "doing what we love" more enjoyable.