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Cody McNolty

Cody McNolty




Britannia Beach, BC


Ski-Doo Summit Expert Turbo

What Munster products do you run:

Full skidoo product line 

What got you into snowmobiling:

When I was a pre-teen in the mid 90’s, my father and uncles all got into mountain snowmobiles. Some bought Arctic Cats, some bought Yamaha’s, some Polaris and some bought Ski-Doo. It was a very cool decade when the “big 4” OEM’s were racing forward every year with progression. Regardless of brand or where we rode, we never just went snowmobiling. We always went “Ski-Doo’n.”

Craziest or most memorable riding story:

For me, snowmobiling isn’t about doing gnarly things and becoming a top rider. I enjoy all aspects of snowmobiling, from being in the mountains, spending time with friends and family, doing flips and drops, chatting with every person I can, even sitting in my garage working on my sled and learning about it. I’ve always said that the way I enjoy snowmobiling is the same way as you. Safety is my number one priority when riding. Especially when executing what I do. An equally important half of the equation is believing in the safety of my snowmobile as much as myself.