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Ski Doo Accessories for Ski-Doo’s Gen4 & Gen-XM

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The riding experience is improved in every way by the Ski Doo accessories and gears. You need dependable solutions that will likely satisfy you in terms of performance and aesthetics when looking for the ideal accessories for your selected automobile. This gives you everything you need for a wonderful ride; we provide one of the broadest collections of Ski Doo accessories at MUNSTER.

Many kinds of Ski Doo accessories are available, from vent kits and action cameras to tools and suspension systems. The Ski Doo accessories are designed to enhance the riding experience in some way, including LED lights for brighter lighting as you ride or adding storage bags for carrying the essentials. We have everything you need for winter riding right here, from coverings to chassis-strengthening equipment.

Ski-Doo Gen-XM

Since this chassis is specially designed for mountain snowmobiles, you might claim that the "M" in XM stands for mountains. Mountain snowmobiles are built to handle heavy snow and have a long shaft to follow a mountain's slope.

Every single Ski Doo Xm accessory features tMotion suspension that can lean against a mountain.

The Ski Doo accessories set a new standard for rear suspension and handling with cutting-edge innovations such as the tMotion rear suspension and Flex Edge track layout. They also bring new ergonomics, functionality, and aesthetics to the mountain market.

The Gen XM Platform and Ski Doo Xm accessories have the following characteristics and 

  • Lightweight but robust chassis
  • A versatile riding posture
  • Run-board apertures that are 87% larger
  • Gauges that are flatly mounted.
  • A slim, light-weight seat
  • For ease of moving through snow, side panels are added.

Ski Doo Gen 4 model

One of the wise decisions undertaken by Ski-Doo executives was enlisting the help of its parts and accessories team in the development of the brand-new Generation-4 models. The 2017 lineup of Ski Doo Gen 4 accessories was designed to blend with the styling and functionality of the new sled design rather than selling components that may or may not fit adequately. 

The Gen4 Platform is simple to ride for more deliberate and controlled riders. The iconic pyramidal frame, new front suspension module made of die-cast aluminum, and new heat condenser are some of the new features included in the Ski Doo accessories that are intended to be lightweight for riding through heavy snow.

The platform gives you a secure place to stand and regulate the sled's ride and makes it easy to start turning. The track may be released, and the track angle can be reset without using the throttle. You may lean and roll, converting slow-speed bends into slow motion. With certain other models, you spend plenty of time responding to the equilibrium change with throttle movement. On the Gen4 Platform, however, your throttle movement compliments the change in balance.

Here are two important Gen 4 Ski Doo accessories:

Fuel Caddy

Need more energy for those exhausting days out? Get the advantage of a fuel caddy in Gen 4 Ski-Doo. This caddy quickly attaches using the Linq system, letting you carry an additional 15L of fuel securely on the back of your Snowmobile. This is the ideal complement for those lengthy summer excursions.

Seats with Gripper Cover

The Gen 4 chassis new low seat is made with maneuverability in mind while yet providing a comfortable base when necessary. With this seat, you won't have the same limitations while switching from side to side as you would with the standard seat. The seat also includes a gripper cover that will boost adhesion while bending or sitting on the seat during crucial motions.


In conclusion, snowmobiles are developed to be adaptable, trustworthy, and capable of running at different elevations and under varied situations. The producers state that a standard sled should safely ride directly out of the box. Custom clutches, engine changes, and other Ski Doo accessories, especially if they are meant to increase performance, may restrict some of the snowmobile's versatility. Relish your snowmobile ride, but consider your adjustments carefully and use the Ski Doo accessories that effectively fit the requirements and design of your snowmobile.

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