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Modify Your Snowmobile with Cool Snowmobile Accessories

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Your snowmobile should be as unique as you are, which is why there are so many options available to personalize your snowmobile. Modifying your snowmobile not only includes enhancing the aesthetics but also includes enhancing the performance of your snowmobile. 

We have compiled some common snowmobile accessories for customization to consider before starting your snowmobile excursion:

  1.  Running Boards

One of the most frequent snowmobile accessories people use for customization is the running board. Running board aftermarket alternatives are often designed to decrease snow accumulation. The accumulation of snow on your running boards might create a very hazardous scenario. It can lead to loss of control.

Aftermarket running boards come in a number of different designs, including inserts. With a little patience, these boards are relatively easy to install, and they typically cost approximately $240 for a pair. Your boards won't lose their power or consistency if you install them in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

  1.  Cans

Aftermarket cans reduce weight and give your snowmobile a bit more oomph. The outcome is more of a reaction enhancer than a clear increase in horsepower; cans can truly make a difference.

Steer clear of handmade cans and cans that have been "refurbished" from other sources. You are essentially inviting a headache. Here, word of mouth may work in your favor. Before you participate, consider what the general public has to say. The tell-tale clue of whether or not certain snowmobile accessories will work for your experiences in the field. Some cans have a very loud sound. Make sure to inquire about the noise output from the parts guy at your nearby sled shop before purchasing if this is not what you want.

  1.  Venting

It's a smart option to vent your sled. Vents assist in extending the life of your drive belt and keep your sled operating at a lower temperature. There are several possibilities that vents are not out of your budget. The business 2 Cool Air Vents provides innovative choices to customize your journey further. It appears that custom screen printing of patterns or logos is rather common.

  1.  Wraps and powder coating

Wraps and custom powder coating assist your sled shed snow in addition to giving it some shine and pop. This can result in significant weight reductions on days with exceptionally thick snowfall. When it's time to sell your sled, the wraps and other snowmobile accessories will help keep the stock looking as good as new.

  1.  Handlebar risers

The popularity of the best handlebar risers started roughly four years ago. Most people assumed your leverage would increase as you rose in the hierarchy. While having a sled tailored to your height is fantastic, some people have gone too far.

In particular, on a steep slope, a lower bar is thought to create better control and leverage. If your bars are already too high, it leaves you nowhere to go when you try to lay your snowboard over onto a sidehill position, making it harder to get your sled on edge.

You'll also need to install cable extensions if you go too high. Many riders are lowering their handlebar risers with a straightforward RSI handlebar setup, such as those who possess a Polaris Pro-RMK.

  1.  Tracks

Many people find success switching from a stock track to a bespoke track. Customizing your track with snowmobile accessories will give you an advantage on the terrain where you ride; just make sure you leave room for balancing.

A three-inch track can offer incredible grip, comparable to that of a tractor, but once you're in heavy snow, it might not float as it would with your standard track.


In conclusion, your machine was created to be flexible, trustworthy capable of operating at various heights and under various circumstances. The manufacturers claim that a typical sled should be rideable immediately out of the box. Custom clutches, engine modifications, and other snowmobile accessories, in particular, may limit some of the snowmobile's adaptability, especially if those modifications are made to improve performance. Enjoy your sled, but think carefully before making any modifications.

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